Marketing Geniuses at Thirteen?

If the child labour laws in Canada weren't so strict, I would have offered two thirteen year old sales and marketing masterminds a job on the spot this afternoon during a brief visit to the Mall. I was visiting the Apple store at the Toronto Eaton Centre on my way home from work this evening and while I was there, decided to grab a bite to eat at the food court. The food court was one floor below and with an elevator nearby, I pressed the button. Since the elevator only services two floors, I found it odd that two 13 year old boys didn't get off when it arrived on my floor and the doors had fully opened. I entered the elevators, smiled at the two young men and turned to face the front on the elevator door. "Sir, would you like to buy a chocolate bar?" I almost burst into laughter. What a totally AWESOME idea! This is what marketing is all about... finding a captive audience. They had a full twenty seconds of my undivided attention while the elevator slowly made its way to the lower level. Genius! "Um... thanks gentlemen, but I'm going to grab something a little healthier for dinner." It was a lie... I had Arby's for dinner. I was happy to see the entrepreneurial fire alive and well in the brilliant minds of these young men.