This Rockwell SoniCrafter might be one of my favorite tools:

I had the difficult task of cutting a 2x4 block from in between a wall and I was worried there would be no way of doing this easily and cleanly.

Other tools I considered were my reciprocating saw and radial saw, but both had their shortcomings. In the end, the Rockwell SoniCrafter cut through the block with very little effort.

$129 at Lowes and worth every penny!

A reminder to all you DIYers out there. Simple situations can turn dangerous without notice. My story:

Last night I was in a confined, tiny space in my attic. It's not really even an attic, as much as a 3' wide crawl space covered in loads of fibreglass insulation. 

It was hot as hell and the only light I had was from my flashlight. Heather was out doing some running around with Alana. I was hunting down some old knob and tube electrical wires that I had disconnected earlier in the year and was going to replace with 14/2.

I'm not sure how long I had been in there before I decided to take a nap amidst the fibreglass, but it was a while. 

I was wearing goggles, a face mask, heavy pants, a t-shirt, plus a second long sleeve shirt. I had thick socks and my work boots, along with some rubber gloves. 

I had overheated so badly that sweat was pouring off of me. My mouth was dry and my mask made it difficult to breath. I remember laying there at one point planning the new route for the electrical cabling when I started thinking "hey… it's actually pretty comfortable in here! So comfortable, I could probably just lay right here and have a nap for a minute." 

Then I smiled at myself because I thought it was silly to think about napping in a 140+ degree attic filled with insulation. So I went back to thinking about electrical, but several more times, my thoughts strayed to napping until it was all I was thinking about. The idea of a nap in the attic stopped sounding weird to me. Besides, I was only going to rest for a minute. 

So I closed my eyes and laid my head on my arm, pushing my face into my fibreglass covered forearm.

I woke up to Heather yelling at me through a hole in the wall. "Ben! Ben!" It startled me out of my sleep and I sat up and looked at her. I was laying at the opening in the wall that leads from our mater closet to the attic crawl space. Not far form air-conditioning at all. 

I was happy to see her, but confused.

I slowly climbed out of the attic, my leg muscles cramped and sore. I was so itchy and hot. I wanted a drink so badly.

After a shower and lots of fluids, I realized, with Heather's help how dumb that was to go into the attic without somebody nearby checking on me. I don't know how long my nap would have lasted had Heather not found me when she did. It's quite odd to think about. 

You hear stories about situations that turn badly and I'd like to think it was a quick nap that would have ended with me waking up on my own and finishing the work I went there to do. But this morning, as I reflect, I'm not so sure of that. It was a really comfortable nap.

I'm going to go wake up Heather now and take her to breakfast. And I'm not going to spend anymore time thinking that this photo might have been the last photo she would have seen of me.

To all my DIYer friends, be careful out there.