iTravel2000 Let it Snow Promotion Update

Yesterday I posted about iTravel2000 and their Let it Snow promotion.  I don't think we saw 5" of snow in Toronto, but I can't seem to find a reliable source from Environment Canada.  I guess we'll find out tomorrow since iTravel won't be releasing the results of the fallen snow until 8:00am, January 3rd.


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Looks like we got way more than 5" in Montreal, they announced on the radio that itravel is getting ready to send ou the checks. To bad I didn't book the expensive trip.
Hey, something is better than nothing, right? I wonder what the odds were on this "bet" for the insurance company backing the promotion.
Ben, you're absolutely right. :)

Probably 80% of itravel's customers are from Ontario, so they're lucky Toronto got less than 5".

I wonder if they'll do the same promotion this year. Not sure if (the insurance company) will still be around by that time :)


We'll see! Thanks for the post Liviu... :)
It's official:
Waiting for their call now :)
Well I live in Quebec and they are saying I don't qualify as the first person that called them to book the trip of 14 is the only one that counts. GO figure... :) Now they are saying that we should have asked the travel agent to send us seperate bookings? Why wouldn't she have told us this from the start.. Well another promotion that seems to have small print. I will keep everyone posted as to where my next email ends up. I am still going to CUBA and will have a blast. If anyone still has the terms and conditions where it stats that only the lead booker counts please let me know.. Thanks again...
We'll I live in Montreal and purchased my tickets before the deadline and traveled as required. Now getting some cock and bull story about how my tickets did not qualify because there sales staff did not enter the Let it Snow Promo on the the invoice!

Have tried to email and resolve this and the reply is we consider the matter closed.

Wonder how many other people are getting b.s. reather than the promised refund.

Sounds like this could end up being a class action and lets get the lawyers rich, because there is lots of double talk.

I am in the same situation.I live in Montreal and I booked with Itravel2000 and the agent DID NOT enter me for the promotion. No cheque for me! My friend who booked the same package, in the same day, within 1 min diference, was entered and she just got her cheque by mail. This is discrimination and we cannot accept to loose our money because of one agent's mistake. I will not let this issue unsolved. It's very hard to get somebody on the phone at ITravel2000. I'm in for class action.
My husband and I booked with Itravel2000 within the required date and we were in Cuba over New Years. We're from Montreal, and it snowed in our city, so we thought, great, free vacation! We've never won anything! So it turns out, we didn't win. Though all the info on their website corresponds with our entry being a winning one, when I wrote to them, they gave us some crap story about Air Canada Vacations having pulled out of the contest in October. Funny how there was no mention of that on their Website or in the fine print ANYWHERE! In fact, there website specifically listed Air Canada Vacations as a participant in an article featuring information about the promotion. When I wrote back enclosing all the information I had, requesting a reply and a refund, as it appears I'm legally entitled to it, this time I received no reply within three business days, as they sent the first time. I waited about a week and resent my message, saying I still had received no reply. Still nothing. I'm pretty pissed off, and am thinking about taking this further. Maybe I'll call Pulse News action 12. Something tells me I may receive a reply after that. Negative press in the Media is never a good thing. I just want everyone to know what a scam this whole contest really was. Buyers beware! Itravel2000 was very deceptive. I should have gone with SelloffVacations as originally planned!
Well I am on my 4th or so email to as many people as I can find on line. Stil no cheque and no reply. How can we do anything here? Does anyone have any ideas? This is crazy. I just wrote to them saying that they have just lost at least $20,000 because my group of 20 will NOT be going through them next year and most of us are already planning two trips. We need to try and get as MANY Quebecers and anyone else that will listen to NOT book with a company that seems to pick who wins thier contests. Here are the people that I wrote to and maybe if enough of us do it weekly or daily we will be able to get some resolution.
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Let's keep writting to them until we get what we deserve. They should not be allowed to make up rules.. It should be simple.. if you live in Quebec and booked a qualifying trip.. you get it free.. less taxes of course....

What is wrong with them?

P.S. Anyone can reach me at

I don't mind showing my email address and I will reply. I don't work for Itravel2000 :)

Look what I just found, I wonder how we can stop people from buying from them because they think they might win a free trip?
Offer will be repeated in 2008: VP

I am talking with CTV tomorrow.. anyone want me to pass on your story as well. :)
I'm the first guy that responded to Ben's original posting.
I came back to this website after three months since my firstposting, and I'm surprised to see how many people didn't receive their money back.
I received my check aroun January 25th, after a couple of calls/emails.
One mention, when I booked my trip, they "forgot" to enter the promotion, but after a couple more emails and phone calls, they sent me another invoice with the mention that I qualify for this promotion. Reading your comments, I don't regret doing it!
Good luck to everyone, don't give up! I would've been very pissed in your place!
You can find the results for Toronto on the following link:

Definitely got more than 5 inches of snow!

Too bad I didn't book a trip that qualified!!

I have experienced massive problems with itravel2000 but not because of this promotion, but because they do not stand behind the travel operators they sell. My wedding is in 2 months and Transat holidays decided to cancel our trip yesterday with no options for helping us out. iTravel2000 suggested we change the date or destination but otherwise their group/wedding booking group will do nothing to help. So with 2 months to go, we do not have a wedding and my guests (40) are without a vacation.

We planned this a year ago and they have been holding $6000 in deposits since then of our money. If there is anyone out there still with a thought in their mind that they should book through itravel2000 or transat I highly suggest not to.

Hopefully I can still get the wedding of my dreams and in 2 months from now. What a way to treat people with the biggest day of their lives.

I'm a friend of Ben's, and also happen to own a Uniglobe Travel franchise. Let me make 2 points (at the risk of repeating some of what may have been said already).
The "Let It Snow" promo is covered by an insurance company with strict definitions for payout. (I believe 5 inches at the city's airport as confirmed by Environment Canada on the date at a specific time). The chances of this happening and you "getting a free trip" by their definition are slim.
That said, the major vacation tour operators have all brought on a "no discount, one price" policy. iTravel, Sell-off Vacations, Uniglobe Travel, etc. all have the same price for vacation packages. I can only speak for my company, Uniglobe, but we are about service and honesty. Why not call or e-mail an experienced agent with your needs and questions? The agent can make the booking (and in Ontario you are covered by TICO) or you can book on our website. The name of the game is service- and the service is included with Uniglobe.
I know the chances of winning the let it snow contest are slim...but we won our trip for free this past april...over 5inches of snow at halifax airport :))) and the reinbursed our money on time as they stated...will def take part in this contest again !!!
This topic is quite trendy in the net right now. What do you pay the most attention to when choosing what to write ?
p.s. Year One is already on the Internet and you can watch it for free.
Itravel2000 Let it Snow Reviews from CTV

watch the video and google up other reviews, complaints ect by ITravel2000 before booking News Staff

A group of travellers from Quebec say they're disappointed that an online travel agency won't pick up the tab for their vacations.

Dave and Pete Conlin believed they were winners in's "Let it Snow" promotion after booking their vacation to Cuba. But the company says they've got it wrong and they're not winners because of a technicality.

The promotion -- which ran last year -- gave tens of thousands of itravel2000 customers the chance to win a qualifying vacation package if it snowed 12.7 centimetres or more on January 1, 2008, at four qualifying Canadian airports.

Airports in Alberta, Ontario, and Atlantic Canada were out of luck when New Year's Day snowfall in those locations fell short. But Quebec was a different story.

"Environment Canada reported and EarthSat officially confirmed that 14.8 centimetres fell at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Montreal during the measurable timeframe on January 1st, 2008, qualifying all passengers who booked their vacation with itravel2000 under the terms and conditions of the 'Let It Snow promotion,'" said in a press release in January.

The Conlins live in Gatineau, Que. and began to celebrate.

"We thought we'd won. How could we not? We're in Quebec," said Dave Conlin.

The Conlins had gone to Cuba with a group of 14 people, half from Quebec and half from Toronto. The Quebecers thought itravel2000 would reimburse them for all or part of their trips.

But it turns out that because the first contact from their group to itravel2000 called from Ottawa, the entire group was deemed to be from Ontario. On the Ontario side, there wasn't enough snow, and the company says the rules were clear.

"Every single invoice would have said your lead weather station is the Toronto weather station -- every single one said that," said itravel2000 spokesperson Stewart Morris.

The Conlins can't believe it. They booked from Quebec, paid from Quebec, and used Quebec-issued credit cards and postal codes.

"My wife actually facilitated the booking for four of us from our phone -- from our home sitting right beside me," said Pete Conlin.

They say they would have switched the bookings before the snow day if they had known they would be in this situation. They say that's because Montreal is much more likely to get a heavy snow than is Toronto.

They want the seven Quebecers in their group reimbursed. They note there is a lot at stake for the company. Their group will be even larger next time when 20 people join in for a getaway. They say won't get their business unless they get satisfaction.

With a report by CTV's Graham Richardson