iTravel2000's Let it Snow Promotion Results

A few hours ago, The Canadian Press reported that Quebec residents will be the only winners of iTravel2000's latest let it Snow promotion. At 14.8cm, Quebec was the only province to exceed the 5 inch snowfall requirement in order for iTravel2000 customers to win their trip. Official contest results can be found on iTravel's website. I bet Weatherbill, the insurer of the iTravel2000 event breathed a sigh of relief after Toronto residents came in second at 9.4cm, several centimeters short of the 12.7cm needed in order to win. Congratulations to the winners (I'm jealous!). Ooops: I'm a terrible blogger.  I neglected to hat tip Heather for bringing iTravel's early news to my attention.  Thanks honey!