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On my way back from Buffalo yesterday, I made a slight detour to Niagara Falls, USA and setup my tripod near the rough rapids overlooking the Skylon Tower over in Canada. This shot was taken with my Canon 40D set to manual mode with a Canon 17-85 IS lens. ISO: 100, Exp: 6 sec, Aperture: f/5, Focal length: 41mm.


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Did you have IS on? Or did you not use a timer? The foreground shouldn't be so soft. Otherwise - great photo, nice composition.
Which foreground are you referring to? The waves? IS was turned off, and no I wasn't using the timer, although I thought about it the whole time I was taking them. :) I probably should have. I'm going to pick up the wireless remote in the very near future.

Thanks for the feedback. Where do you keep your photos? I want to go have a look!

Nice Ben, I am looking forward to coming and checking this out every day now. What was the expositure time on this picture???
Thanks Im! Exposure time was 6 secs, focal length: 41mm at f/5
great photo! i just moved out of the Niagara region after living there for almost 8 years. this shot is a nice reminder of how beautiful it can be.
Thanks Zoe. I was a little nervous. It was really noisy because of the rapids and it was about 10pm. NOBODY was around. I kept thinking I would have been the perfect mugging victim for some criminal. Alas, I got the shot and made it out alive! ;)