Picture of the Day: Woofstock '08

Heather, Don and I stopped by Woofstock 2008 on the weekend to see what we could see. I'm a dog lover (with no dog) living in a house with 3 cats... not sure exactly how that happened, but when I figure it out, I'll let you know. There was a lot of personality at the show and more breeds of dogs that you could count. I really liked this guy... something about the Pug breed that always makes them look happy. In all, I snapped 677 photos with my Canon 40D, which resulted in about 277 pretty decent picks.  The entire Woofstock 2008 collection, including the fashion show is also on my Flickr page. ISO: 100, Exp: 1/125, Aperture: f/2.8, Focal length: 70mm.

Happy New Year!

At the end of 2007 I am lucky to be able to say that it's been a year full of new opportunities, friendships and personal milestones for me. Going into 2008 I'm eager to spend more time blogging and working with the great team at Little Geeks, a foundation that I've been dedicated much of my personal time to. Why don't you start your 2008 off with some extra karma points and head over to Give Meaning to support this fantastic cause? You can reboot a young person's life by offering your financial support and computer equipment. All the best in 2008 and beyond, - Ben