Frozen H2O: My Latest Photo Subject

Just for fun, I joined a monthly photo competition with some friends. Other than bragging rights, there are no prizes, but I found it to be a great exercise in creativity. I was having a difficult time thinking about what to photograph and in Toronto right now given the lack of ice and I wasn't thrilled with the idea of a skating rinks as a subject. In the end, I decided to make a hamburger, fries and a coke out of ice for my entry into the competition. The bun, hamburger patty, and tomato were all solid ice and formed in plastic containers I found in the kitchen.  I didn't have any food colouring last night so I used my watercolour paints.  The lettuce and cheese were made by filling a spray bottle with the coloured water and spraying it on a single ply of Kleenex. Everything was put in the fridge overnight. I didn't think the frozen Coke fit in the overall composition so I removed it. I also decided to go with real french fries to add some realism to the photo. You can probably see the ketchup sliding off the ice bun; if I were to do it again, I would put the ketchup on the bun and then freeze it to keep the "swirl" in place. The photo was taken near a window with my 40D mounted on my tripod, halogen light directly over my subject and no flash. ISO100 with an aperture of 2.8 with a 70mm Sigma prime lens. PS: If you're going to attempt something similar, I'll warn you not to put your frozen subject directly on the wood chopping block; mine died with a loud crack after doing just that.