Photo of the Day

I'm not a fan of guns. I just don't think the risk factor is low enough to own one. Still, when Heather and I stopped into The Gun Store in Las Vegas, Nevada and fired some of their weapons of destruction, I have to admit, I was pretty excited. It's hard describe the feeling: The sudden and VERY loud bang after the pin hit shells, the sound of the gun shell "tinking" off the ground, the smell of metal and gunpowder... the raw and accurate power of holding something so small and destructive. The folks at The Gun Store were SUPER friendly and helpful. Our guide (Eddie, on right) gave us a personal session and explained everything to us, without the condescending attitude I was expecting. The entire experience was very positive. At $1 per bullet, (we spent $200) and shooting several guns (Uzi, M1, Gloch, M16) I'm glad we stopped in for the experience. My only regret is knowing the crime and pain that exists in the world because of the evil people that wield these weapons. I now understand the ease with which one could pull out their weapon and hurt somebody in a moment of anger. It's a bit scary. To get this photo, I had my 40D set to high speed shooting, with a Canon 17-85 IS lens. I took about 10 photos, hoping to capture the muzzle flash and as you can see above, I was successful. The Gun Store is located at 2900 E Tropicana, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121. They're open 9am to 6:30pm 7 days a week and their phone number is 702.454.1110. Ask for Eddie. :) Shoot Safe!

iTravel2000's Let it Snow Promotion Results

A few hours ago, The Canadian Press reported that Quebec residents will be the only winners of iTravel2000's latest let it Snow promotion. At 14.8cm, Quebec was the only province to exceed the 5 inch snowfall requirement in order for iTravel2000 customers to win their trip. Official contest results can be found on iTravel's website. I bet Weatherbill, the insurer of the iTravel2000 event breathed a sigh of relief after Toronto residents came in second at 9.4cm, several centimeters short of the 12.7cm needed in order to win. Congratulations to the winners (I'm jealous!). Ooops: I'm a terrible blogger.  I neglected to hat tip Heather for bringing iTravel's early news to my attention.  Thanks honey!

Free Snow Travel from iTravel2000

Vacationers who purchased travel from iTravel2000 between June 12 and December 7, for travel between November 1 and April 30, 2008 will travel for free if more than 5 inches of snow falls based on weather stations of selected Canadian airports in Halifax, Toronto and Montreal. Based on the snow on the ground here in Toronto, it looks like a free vacation might well be within reach for 30,000 iTravel2000 customers. Check out iTravel's website for their Let it Snow program for more information. .