Why Hockey Players are Dumb - A Childhood Post

At dinner this evening, I was telling Heather that as a child, I would see a hockey fight break-out on the television and think the players were complete idiots. If I was about to get my butt kicked around the ice from a player on the opposing team, you can bet the last thing I would do is throw away such a perfectly crafted weapon. As adults we know what the rules are, but as an 8 year old Chuck Norris fan, I had a hard time believing that people would willingly put down their hockey sticks and throw down the gloves so they could punch each other as hard as they can in the face. And another thing... if you leave your gloves on, it won't hurt so much when you punch a guy's helmet either, you knuckleheads.

(Flickr Photo courtesy of hroyer.com)



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i dont wanna disagree with the whole dropping of the stick but what more fun the feeling of actually hiting someone with you own fist of swinging a hockey stick
Thanks for the perspective Rage. :)